Richard Scarry's Busy Day Game

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Dive into Richard Scarry's busy world by rolling the Jumbo Foam Die and visiting different areas around Busytown. Players will put on their thinking caps to collect all the Items and fill their Backpacks before heading through the 3D Pop up Busytown Entrance and winning the Busytown Prize.
Join Huckle Cat and Lowly Worm as you make your way through a Busytown adventure, racing around Busytown to search for different objects from the farm, airport, beach and market in this fun-filled competitive preschool game. Richard Scarry’s classic and busy world comes to life in the colorful gameboard and 3D pop-up entrance to Busytown. Make your way through city streets, and activity-filled farm, a busy airport, a serene beach and a bustling market full of things and people to see. Find out just how much there is to discover along the way!